The Goswell Divorce

by Hester Prynne

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released May 26, 2009

Josh Schroeder, Lance Rollins, Matt Bukaty, Johandy Urena, Stephen Mann



all rights reserved


Hester Prynne Kansas City, Kansas

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Track Name: My Horoscope Just Reads "DOOM"
Off with her fucking head
Track Name: That Night a Forest Grew
You've buried me neck deep in this misery, and i feel right at home
So pardon me for trying to speak but I remember
before the fire when you and I were merely embers

I'm sorry for running, but there's no other way;
I'm jaded, you're wasted, we fit so perfectly
Just trust me, don't love me, we're just a memory
Just trust me you'll love me much better in a grave

I wanna know your darkest secret
Tell me; what are you hiding from me

Always and forever, staring down a barrel
always and forever staring down the barrier
Always; forever yours...
Always and forever staring down the barrel

These city lights and every street still speak your name
They're calling out to me
"Dont look back, close your eyes, clench them tight"
There is nothing you want to see looking back.
Close your eyes, clench them tight, there's nothing you want to see.

As the skies part ways, so do we.

So pardon me for trying to speak but i remember before the fire;
You and i were merely embers

I see the light to heavens gate before me and i can hardly wait
Open up the gates

As the skies part ways, so do we.

Lover, hunter, feeder, tell me. what do you hide
Lover, hunter, feeder, tell me - what are you hiding from me
Track Name: Casketing
Those pretty eyes beg my forgiveness
You trick bitch, I'm better off with slit wrists

How many bastards did you convince that you were in love with them while you were fucking all his friends

You filthy piece of shit, I want you dead before my eyes

Her lips trip the guillotine, collecting heads as trophies
Taking names and digging graves

Beware the wraith with an angels eyes;
A grave deception, angels were meant for heaven
That doesn't mean I wouldn't love to be the one to show you how fucking empty you are

Let's see how much it means for you to have the last word
Will you struggle to speak even with your lips sewn

I am the horror of your dreams
Horror, and you will never wake up

My embrace won't let you go, to the grave it follows.
Track Name: All Roads Lead to Hell
Break your fucking neck while you're holding your head,
crying out "when the fuck will this curse end"
If I died tomorrow, would you even leave flowers on my grave

...and when your eyes are rolled back in your head,
remember what i said, one day you'll regret, one day you will regret,
ever tying your arms onto a burning bridge

Now you've got a gun and the intention to put a bullet in your head
Well go ahead just make it easy

Just make it easy on yourself, no one can help,
or so your demons said

With a single shot you say goodbye, and wear a hole in your head
as if you're keeping a promise, just keep it to yourself

...and when they search the home, their eyes are scarred forever
Track Name: LeeAnn LeGore
Drop dead, you don't deserve to be alive and well
I see your smile as i suffocate

Left hanging high above your head until the day you cut me free
I'll be waiting for you to bear your neck and adorn the noose

We could be so beautiful deceased as we rot in hell
We take our secrets with us to the grave,
and mark the lives of the ones we betrayed

Promises mean nothing, all our vows were broken
Promises mean nothing, all our vows were shit
Promises mean nothing, all our vows were fucking lies

I see the western sunset has finally got into your head,
you'll pay the price to shine no matter what the sacrifice

Fucking your way up to the top, it's time to shine
Fucking your way onto the top, Hollywood runs through your veins

Is your soul worth fifteen minutes on your knees
Not every star deserves the sky, all that glitters is far from gold
Track Name: The Goswell Divorce
Bury the hatchet, sever the ties

Vehement screams forever haunting every dream
Ghosts in silence left to harbor their hatred
I feel my blood run cold

As the angels sing their mourning song, the vultures feed their hunger

Don't waste your breath on me
I've heard these lies a thousand times before,
they're all too familiar

God forgive me, all beauty has died within
There is no hope in forgiveness

Mark my words, my return will bring your funeral
May hell have vengeance on your soul

God forgive me, I feel the end is near
This treachery has assured your fate
My god what have you done

You put your foot in the grave the day you stood before me,
and made a promise you can't keep.

Til death do we part, and may we burn forever
Track Name: Seventeen is My Favorite Number
You were my favorite story, and now we write the ending
The pages trace the body back to where it started bleeding

I'm sure my eyes can tell you how long I've been waiting to hold your lovely head after it's decapitated.

You get around like a fucking disease.
Well, let's see how good you look at the end of a meat hook
The same old wretched mess.

I had the perfect words, you wore the perfect dress.
Yes, and the first night we met they both dropped dead

So run and hide you coward, I love the thrill of the chase
Did you forget what was promised?

So good in the sheets, but you should finish what you started before you go and try to fuck the wound

Payback's a bitch and so were you

I thought you might be different, turns out you're just another bitch I'd like to tear the head off of, and keep in in my closet with all the pictures of us

And after all this time, you kept the past a secret, the truth came back for you

Don't mourn the bride, this was her final vow
Track Name: An Ambulance in Traffic
How could you expect me to believe this is all my fault?

You call this knife an acquiesce
I call it reason to collect one final keepsake; your fucking head

I hope it haunts you in your dreams to be reminded of the promises May you fear the day you wake and there I'll be
I'll be waiting by your fucking bedside
I'll be waiting by your bedside with a shotgun,
and every reason to be the nail that seals your tomb

Look who's happy now, look who's face down in the dirt
Completely null of worth.

You have what you deserve.
Walk with me to the pyre, stoke the flame;
This is where they'll find your remains

Waiting for your last request, just as i'd expect;
The same dead, as when we first met, screaming silence
Track Name: Let's Give the Boy a Hand
A bitter end to what once was so promising;
I'll always miss that pretty mouth

I've got a casket with your name and the perfect resting place,
waiting for your beautiful body
So get your finest dress you're going out in style

Are you ready my darling, to be drug out and shot in your beloved face
So they can see what lust has done to us; It's such a perfect mess

Tonight the swine prevail
At last i'm free from her
Tonight the swine prevail
And now i'm free from hell

Here lies the king beside his cherished queen as they rot